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  • XML technology
    • XML technology stack

      The majority of integration platforms use XML technology as their internal data format. Many years of experience gained while working with integration solutions allowed our specialists to gain knowledge of technologies supporting XML:

      • XSD data validation
      • XSLT, XSL FO transformation
      • XQuery/ Xpath language
      • Xproc processing
      • UI Xforms building
    • XML Standards

      The XML language was created by W3C in order to facilitate the transmission of electronic documents on the Internet. It has become the primary format for electronic standards in many industries. Our consultants, who create integration solutions for many industries, have specialized in miscellaneous standards.

      • Universal Business Language/ UBL- business documents
      • Common Information Model/ CIM electricity
      • Study Data Tabulation Model/ SDMT- healthcare
      • Health level 7/ HL7- healthcare
      • eXtensible Business Reporting Language/ X BRL- finances
    • Xforms

      The solutions we propose required additional tools to support the operation of data buses, such as monitoring, component life cycle management, or describing the current platform structure. These tools often required a user interface. Being competent in HML-related technologies, we decided to use Xform technology for the construction and user interface. Our company has competences related to the construction and development of applications using the following implementations of the Xforms standard:

      • Orbeon Forms
      • XSLT Forms
  • Our services
    • Maintenance

      Our company provides after-sales service of completed projects including software update, configuration, assistance in case of technical problems,​ ​and all support lines. We offer the maintenance of IT systems (both created by our company and by other suppliers) in 8/5, 8/7, 24/7 system and with short response/repair time.

    • Outsourcing

      We carry out various types of orders for external companies, including body-leasing. We deliver employers with certain qualifications. This means cost savings for our partners. This solution allows them to eliminate many expanses (related to, among others, maintaining their own permanent IT teams).

  • Security

    The security of the delivered solutions is our priority. We provide services based on information protection mechanisms recognized as complete and commonly used such as: authentication, authorization, and encryption of connections and data. We make sure that the systems we work on, and in particular their access points, are built in accordance with the currently applicable guidelines for the preparation of safe applications.

  • Why us?
    • The implementation of individual customer needs

      Each of our clients wants the same thing in a slightly different way. We can adopt our system to any existing infrastructure.

    • Competent consultants

      Our qualified team is able to solve any problem in a short time

    • Professional services

      We always meet the needs of our clients. During the analysis we propose the best solution in affordable price.

    • Continuous development of the offered solutions

      Our specialists are constantly improving the flexibility, efficiency and security of our platform

    • Compliance of the solutions with applicable law

      Our solutions are always fully compliant with Polish law


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